Energy Waste Products and Recycling Services (EWPRS)
, is the leading provider of comprehensive waste and environmental services in the Bahamas. The company is strongly committed to a foundation of financial strength, operating excellence and professionalism. EWPRS tailors its services to meet the needs of each customer group and to ensure consistent, superior service at the local level. The greater Nassau metropolitan area represents our market niche. This is an advantage because our attention is not diverted from our customers' needs by projects in other regions or countries. Moreover, as a local company, we can better assure the attention of all levels of management is on the needs of our customers.

Energy Waste Products and Recycling Services (EWPRS) provides recycling collection service to customer across the Bahamas, ranging in size from the small single business subscription to large corporate customers requiring comprehensive one-source waste programs to serve multiple locations. The company uses advanced technology and disciplined programs to bring improved efficiency to the process of recycling collection.

As the largest recycler of solid waste in the Bahamas, EWPRS processes more than 1200 tons of recyclable materials each year. Our company provides cost-efficient, environmentally sound recycling programs for municipalities, and businesses across the Bahamas.

Drawing on our resources and experience, we actively pursue projects and initiatives that benefit the waste industry, the communities we serve and the environment. EWPRS works to make a positive difference for the environment in every aspect of its business. We have taken a leadership role in promoting the recycling and reuse of materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. The methods of managing recyclable waste have also changed significantly. In the past, managing solid waste focused on collection and disposal. Today there is a focus on integrated waste management, including source reduction of waste, recycling, and landscape waste management. The goal of integrated waste management is to minimize, to the extent practical, the amount of waste that must ultimately be disposed. Modern waste companies must have experience not only in collecting waste, but also in processing and marketing a wide range of materials.

Discover the quality collection, recycling and temporary waste services available for businesses large and small. Whether you're managing a stand alone retail store, a midsize office building, a regional shopping mall or a multi-national corporation, EWPRS can provide your business with efficient, dependable and responsive waste management service that supports your bottom line. 

Commercial Container Services

The specialized needs of our customers are addressed with easily adaptable schedules and equipment. This is the foundation upon which our success has been built. 

We can make pick ups twice a day, once a month or whenever you call. Our trucks are radio equipped, and our crews extremely competent. We can provide containers of all sizes and we will maintain them.
Recycling Services

We offer a responsible, active recycling system that includes segregation of materials to prevent contamination and ensures that production of a high quality product. Our process includes the recovery of aluminum, glass by color, plastic by type, and all grades of fibrous products such as corrugated, newspaper, office paper and magazines. 
Commercial Recycling Service

EWPRS specializes in reducing businesses operational costs by developing solid waste collection, and recycling programs that are flexible and diverse enough to fit all sorts of businesses. Our wide range of container sizes and flexible collection schedules guarantee a program for you. 
Fluorescent Lamp Recycling

Fluorescent lamps contain mercury, which is a regulated waste in many countries. When lamps are broken during handling and storage, they release mercury and may put your employees and your company at risk. When even a single green-tipped low mercury lamp is broken, the resulting level of mercury in the air may exceed occupational exposure limits. Our program is safe and cost-effective. Self-sealing containers are provided to reduce the risk of mercury exposure for employees and carries during collection, storage, and shipment, thus reducing your liability.