At our site, Environmental WastePro (EWP) receives all types of hazardous liquid and solid waste materials for recycling, reuse or disposal. Typically, customers rely on EWP to process:

Paint sludges 
Still and tank bottoms 
Inks and printing materials
Industrials oils and lubricants
A wide variety of organic chemicals
Empty containers
Paint skins
Filter Cartridges
Reated epoxy resins

These products are either processed using modern technology or re-used as alternate fuel or raw materials to a variety of process industries. 

EWP's system of environmental care starts at the customer's site with the waste profile characterization. With this information, our operating personnel can determine the best processing sequence to minimize disposal liability. We dispatch specialized transport vehicles to collect the waste and transport it to one of our many approved processing facilities. Through our network of transporters specializing in vacuum, tank, drum, and solids, handling vehicles are available to ensure prompt pick-up and services.

Our clients are engaged in the manufacture and distribution of solvents, paints, resins, acids, alkalis, cleaning solutions, petroleum fuels and lubricants, and a range of organic and inorganic specialty and commodity chemicals. 

Analysis, quality control, and safety are paramount in the processing of hazardous waste materials. We employ trained laboratory technicians and engineers at our sites to ensure that the best processing strategy is used to provide the lowest cost to our customers, as well as the best alternative. The technicians ensure that all waste meet the regulations set forth by federal and state regulators. We maintain a computer-based operating log and hard copy file containing all manifests and certificates of recycling. 

For every load processed by the facility, an on-site quality control laboratory monitors inbound fuel materials. The benefits to our customers are that they have the assurance that their wastes are managed in strict accordance with all laws and regulations. The broad range of integrated services provided by EWP result in significant customer benefits including:

Accurate, timely documentation 
Assistance with waste characterization 
Lower overall disposal costs 
Reduction of environmental liability 
Quick response on pick-up and transportation.